Let’s Search For Homes….!

Allow me to introduce you to  two different approaches to locating homes that might be of interest. First, if you choose to start from scratch and add specific, detailed parameters, click on the icon above, and you will be guided to a current universe of homes for sale with your search parameters,  complete with photos and statistical information in the location and price range you choose. If you do select this search option, you may want to read my blog entitled “Why Homes You Find On Line Are Not Available…”  Once you have reviewed the contents of this post, you may want to consider the alternative outlined below.


If you would like to receive a daily updated list  of homes for sale that exhibit your preferred characteristics and are free from contingencies (unless agents have made coding errors), simply fill out the form below and send it my way. Once received, I’ll create an “Auto-Email” program that functions as described above and can be instantaneously changed to mirror possible adjustments to your list of search parameters. There are absolutely no strings attached to this service –  you can use the data in whatever fashion you like. Obviously, I would love to put my several decades of real estate experience to work for you, but I leave that decision entirely in your court!