How Do I Find the Right Loan Officer, Home Inspector, Title Company?

Completing a real estate transaction involves lots of people.  You will find no scarcity of referrals if you ask for them around the water cooler at work, and your well-meaning family will probably contribute more, once they become aware that you are in the housing market!  In my view, your best bet is to ask me for some referrals in the above fields, because I have several decades of experience working with different representatives and am able to make qualitative judgments based on years of client feedback and pass this wisdom on to you in the form of possibly two or three names in each category. I am not compensated in any fashion for referring anyone (including Home Title) to you, and you are absolutely free to follow your own lead in choosing candidates in the above areas. Home Title is a title insurance company wholly owned by RE/MAX Results, and I would typically include this name along with others, if asked.

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