Sample Purchase Agreement

Purchase agreement1The process of conveying property from sellers to buyers involves a set of written documents, the contents of which must be agreed to by both parties – verbal agreements don’t really carry any weight in the legal system, and partial agreement to written terms doesn’t count either.  In other words the buyer and seller of real estate must agree in writing to all terms written into the above agreement before a contract is binding.  Fortunately for buyers in Minnesota, the contract used is generally uniform between companies as to elements covered and does not contain items in small print (like an automobile lease, for example) that work against a buyer.  Once completed, this document is a recitation of all the terms you, the buyer, desire, and it is up to the seller to accept, reject, or make a counter offer within a reasonable period of time after receiving the offer. The complete package that you will be submitting will include the above document completely filled out and signed including addenda to the basic agreement, a copy of your earnest money check, and a loan pre approval letter from your lender if you will be using a mortgage to help purchase your home. I am happy to provide a copy of the above document to my buyer clients (click on the sample) early in our relationship so that any questions can be addressed before it is necessary to shift into high gear to purchase your dream home!

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