Fulton Farmers’ Market


If you are a lover of farmers’ markets, consider donating a helping hand to the Kingfield Farmers’ Market board members as they prepare to open a new Saturday market at 49th and Beard in the Fulton neighborhood.  The date of this opening is May 21, 2011 at 8:30
AM at the Lake Harriet United Methodist Church, but before this date, your help is needed for such tasks as delivering neighborhood leaflets advertising the event or assisting with set and and take down efforts every once in a while.  As with all non profits, this volunteer assistance really helps stretch scarce dollars, and it is lots of fun, besides.  Send an e-mail to kingfieldfarmersmarket@gmail.com if you can volunteer, and know that the more folks who come forward, the easier it will be to plan, plus the Kingfield Farmers’ Market board members can breathe just a bit easier!


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