Seller’s Side of Buyer Inspections – Preparations and Expectations…

300034BYou’re proud of your home that just sold to an excited, well qualified buyer who also had the benefit of your carefully completed Seller Disclosure Statement.  Now comes the buyer inspection report, and the tone has completely changed.  The report contains a laundry list of defects, according to your agent, and the buyer wants them all addressed at your expense prior to closing – join the group!

Here are some thoughts related to lessening the number of negative items on the inspection report.  First, complete any home inspections mandated by your municipality and do the repairs, if any, as required before placing your home on the market. Second, have an HVAC contractor or your utility company perform a clean and tune on your furnace if this has not been done recently and vacuum around the surfaces. Third, fix any leaking faucets and make sure all drains are properly fitted and functioning properly. Fourth, have all switches and light fixtures properly functioning. These tasks will not eliminate inspection related headaches, but may prevent migraines. Additional negotiations may be required, but know that if you do not come to reasonable  terms with your current buyer, the next inspection will probably uncover the same defects, and you may have to start all over again, and there may be additional disclosure issues required of you as well.

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