Staging a Home…Why It Matters…


Homes sell for emotional reasons! Yes, even rental properties have emotions tied to them as well. Emotions are behind home purchases and staging plays directly to the emotional appeal of a home. Great staging leads to great home photos, and agents more and more are relying on MLS photos as the basis for developing home tours for clients. Once inside the staged home, buyers can much more easily visualize how to arrange rooms and items of furniture and accessories within rooms, how to use color pallets in dramatic ways, and how to best illuminate interior spaces. The better a home shows, the more buyer traffic it will attract and this will, in turn, often lead to a faster sale and a more satisfactory price for a seller.  Stagers don’t work for free, but their services can be used in a couple of ways.  On the one hand, a staging person can consult with sellers and provide ideas on how to rearrange or possibly hide extraneous furniture, suggest needed repair and decorating touches, and provide an outline for simply decluttering the home.  On a higher level of service, some staging companies maintain inventories ranging from accessories and artwork through complete furnishings for every room in the house. Fees can range from the mid $100’s for consultation only to several thousand for extended services that include furniture and accessory items. If your home is admittedly “Plain Jane” or vacant, you should seriously consider the staging option – homes have very real shelf lives, just like groceries, and the longer the market time for a home that shows very average, the greater the risk of  disappointing results when an offer finally surfaces.

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