Cab Fares Fair in Minneapolis???

If you are in the habit of taking taxi cabs from place to place in Minneapolis, you may be interested in the new higher rates for your travel.  The new charge per mile has been increased 15 cents to $ 2.50/mile.  This rate adjustment does not need City Council approval, and cab companies can implement this change immediately, if they so choose. According to a city report it cost 7% more to operate a cab from July 2009 to June 2010.  To put this rate change into perspective, a 5-mile cab ride last year would have cost, at most, $ 13.78, but today the tab would be $15.00.  With the new rate in place, Minneapolis would rank 7th out of 20 U.S. cities analyzed for the most expensive cab fares – at present,  the St. Paul tab for the 5-mile ride would be $ 13.06.

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